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Post  vic on Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:09 pm

Agreed, Dr. Greenwald was really great. As long as you speak up, he'll explain a lot of things and draw them out (ie. why cardiomegaly is over-stated in AP radiographs). He'll give you and idea of what radiologists think when ER doctors order too many tests. It can be a little challenging to stay alert for that long staring at the screens, especially since he plays some mellow music on his ipod.

Dr. Richmond is the interventional radiologist and does most of the procedures. He also reads films, but mostly in and out for the procedures of the day. I got to see a hysterosalpingogram for infertility testing, a VCUG to check for vesico-reflux in the bladder, and a lot of sonograms.

Dr. Del Arca is the other full-time radiologist and he was really helpful as well. Going through CT scans, he'll ask you to identify certain structures and vessels. Like Crissy said, you'll be surprised how much you'll learn in the week. (Big Mets fan btw...poor guy.)

Also, the techs were very friendly down here. They are always in and out of the radiologist's office with requisition forms and other procedural questions. If you ask, they'll let you watch some of the sonograms and teach you what they go through.


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