Surgery Rotation in General

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Surgery Rotation in General

Post  Holly on Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:21 pm

You need to come in around 7am. Dr. Miglietta goes to other hospitals, and I don't think he's ever gotten to Palisades before 9:30am. And really, it's usually closer to 11am (if not even later into the afternoon). But you have to have your notes written before he gets there.

So, your'll have your own patients...depending on how many there are (and then other factors as the rotation plays out) is how many you will be in charge of. You write a Progress Note for each of them, which is in the SOAP note format. You might get a new consult. Then you go in and do a full H&P on the patient and you fill it out on a Consultation Note form. You'll see our previous notes in some files that get passed down to you on the first, so that should help. All four of us have different styles, and Dr. Miglietta is cool with that.

When Miglietta gets there, he texts or calls and you go meet him wherever...and you each present your patients on rounds. As long as they're not a new patient, you don't have to do a real presentation. But know everything you can about your patient. As in, know it from your head, not your paper. He needs a patient print-out every day so get in the habit of doing that first.

Once you write your notes and while Miglietta's not there, you go to the OR and scrub in on whatever surgeries you are each interested in. A piece of advice - communicate with each other (meaning your Touro buddies) from the beginning so that feelings aren't hurt and everyone feels like they're getting a chance to see and do what they want to do.

Someone has to stay til 5 everyday - sometimes you're all there til 5+, but most days, we weren't. Technically, someone is on call til 10pm every night - only one time did I ever leave and have to come back later.

Someone is on every weekend. We found it best to do both days of a weekend so that you were either on or off. Adrian set us up a document back in June because she had several things to do on weekends and it has worked great. I would suggest you guys do the same. When it's my weekend on, I go in early and do all my notes and then either round with Dr. Miglietta over the phone or he comes in. He'll let you know which one.

The OR people are, for the most part, great. Carlos is the head scrub tech - he's a military guy and you can tell. But he's actually very nice. Just be aware of yourself - make sure to never wear your white coat into the OR area and always have a hat on. Pay attention if others have a face mask on before walking into a room.

And then...have fun!!


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