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ER schedule

Post on Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:30 am

There are 3 shifts that you can do: 7am-7pm, 7pm-7am in the main ER or 1-9pm in the fast tract (minor tx area in ER). Dr. Ruocco the head of ER requires us to have 160 hrs total/month, and he wishes that there be no more than 1 student per shift. Almost all of the ER docs are all pretty good at teaching and most of the PA are pretty good too. If you ever need to take a day off or change your shift around, just let Dr. Ruocco know and he will most likely be more than willing to accommodate as long as you make up for your miss hrs.

Also ER dress code is blue scrubs. You can get scrubs at the Cath lab next to the ER.

Dr. Ruocco email:

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