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Dr. Elias

Post  Crissy on Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:58 am

Mon/Wed/Thurs - Union City Office: 1610 Summit Ave (street parking - 4hr limit)
Tues/Fri - Jersey City Office: 142 Palisade Ave. Ste. 218 (park in Christ Hospital garage and get your ticket stamped by Olivia- $5)

Dr. Elias is a great teacher. The hours are short (like 4hrs/day), but he wants you to read up on everything you've seen and he will ask questions about it later (maybe not the next day but they always seem to come back). So basically there's lots of reading involved. Not too much to do, most patients speak Arabic or Spanish (so usually at least 1 H&P/day and no more than 4), but definitely plenty of time to learn how to do an AccuCheck and an EKG and improve your BP taking skills. Big concepts so far have been hypertensive medications, diabetes medications, anemia, CHF, and back pain. Surprisingly lots of interesting pathology (and on top of that everyone has HTN and DM2). Days usually start 10:30/11, he's not usually there before 11 but he wife is (she's family practice and also good to follow around) and days usually end by 3.

Olivia is incredible - it amazes me how one person can do so much, she's not only the receptionist but she also does ht/wt, accucheck, ekgs, confirms pts. meds and acts as the translator (even though Dr. Elias is pretty decent at communicating in Spanish), if you ever need anything ask her.


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